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Join the Rebellion! 

Download the file below by clicking on the windows icon. Go to the file (which is usually in your downloads folder) and open it, then install. Once that's done, you may see some virus warnings because it wants you to know that we'll be using your processing power.  You can add us to the exception list and it will then let you move forward.

Once you have the application running it has two buttons, one for start and one for stop.  When you press "start" the first time it will have a window that says "initializing" which may take a few minutes the first time, but after that should be quick.  You can always hit the stop button or delete the application at any point.

Thank you so much for volunteering your computer to help power our independent media site!

- StreamRift

Windows Download



This site is designed and optimized to be awesome for adults 18+

I am 18 or older, LET ME IN!

I am under 18,
please take me somewhere safe

Support Free Speech!

When you download our app you are able to volunteer your computer's extra processing power to help power our network! This runs silently in the background and should never do anything while you are using it. Best of all, you can turn it off or uninstall it any time!

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