Hunter Biden iPhone/iPad

As of a few days ago there were two drops (allegedly). An “iOS” file that had Hunter Biden’s iPad and iPhone on it as well as a “laptop image”. The laptop files were on a swiss server and failed before anyone is reported to have been able to download the entire thing.

So what do we know about the iPad/iPhone?

We know that Hunter Biden had a gun, had drugs, and paid for prostitutes. Hunter Biden lied on a federal background check to buy the gun.

But you’re probably just hear for the content 😉

StreamRift Version Next

Over the years has taken on various forms. One thing that has remained constant is a commitment to helping protect free speech on the internet. The most notable piece of content StreamRift hosted was the video of a livestreamed shooting from Christchurch, NZ.

Today marks the start of a new chapter in the StreamRift story. Today I’ll be working to rebuild StreamRift in a way that both protects the ability of individuals to share news and information as well as helps users limit the type of content they see based on their personal preferences. How will that work?

StreamRift will have groups dedicated to particular topics or areas of interest. For groups with controversial/polarizing/sensitive content (which does not include misgendering someone), users will need to join them to view the content. This policy helps balance the desire of users to not be exposed to extreme/harsh content without their express interest along with providing a safe public forum to discuss and debate various issues and topics.

Here we go!