I made a really cool website to stop obnoxious advertising and protect your privacy.

When I did this, it meant I couldn’t take credit cards for donations.

I can’t take PayPal.

The New Zealand and Australian governments along with the EU will try to enforce their internet censorship laws by effectively enforcing trade sanctions against a U.S. business based on having the audacity to tell the truth.

The truth is that if we do not unite to protect the internet, then the internet as we know it may become something more evil. But more importantly, we can already start making it something better. I made StreamRift.com because I wanted to make the best product I could for the largest audience possible and then try to give it away for free.

So now I made a website that is economically independent from any government or corporation, but I need your help to pay for the damn thing. I’m SO excited I could make this, but to pay for it I DEEPLY need your help.


I had a computer application modified so you can download it on any windows computer and while it’s running, you are volunteering your computer to help me power this new website. Initially we are selling off processing power (mostly to crypto markets), but the next step is to build a free operating system that anyone can use on any computer without having to pay for licensing fees for basic computing services. For example, Microsoft has owned the operating system market forever, but Linux is a community supported operating system we all know and agreed to be superior technologically in nearly every way, but it is harder to use. Our new operating system will be similar to any computer you’ve ever used, but easier. All this really takes is some extended design work with developers that won’t charge astronomically high rates like the developers in Silicon Valley charge because the area is so flush with investment money that they aren’t having to use it as efficiently because all the nerds in nerdland do is try to build products that are technologically superior to each other and are financed by the ultra wealthy that want to help their friends build cool things to change the world, so they invest in concepts they don’t fully understand because the startup founders themselves are about to embark on a brave new journey down a market they believe no one has gone down before, but the reality is I have gone down the path of solving nearly every problem a technology company can have, whether it’s in sales, infrastructure, management, product design, budgeting (like working on less than fumes, like literally taking 5 recycling cans back to the grocery store to get 25 cents to buy 3 blowpops to take to school to sell for a quarter each to rake in a fat 75 cents to use to feed the whole economy again… So that was when I was 12, like I know how to make those fucking nickels work their asses off and bring back more battle hardened warrior nickels). So like, yeah, I know how to hustle. With a few exceptions like Netflix, I don’t think many websites have economically sustainable models. Facebook was never founded to be the central hub of the internet, it was just people connecting to each other. Mark dropped out of college to go plug the servers in because people were signing up for it and the investors thought it would be cool to fuel that type of innovation. What’s happened is that the types of brilliant minds that are this well funded are considered peace time CEOs. Well, when Jacinda Ardern (prime cuntminister of New Zealand) comes barking at your door and explains that you and your customers are all now guilty of saying things that are deemed “objectionable”, are now facing 10 years in prison each just for seeing it, 14 years in prison each time they share it, and that you are actually also criminally liable for something your customers used your website for, that’s when you need a wartime CEO like me. What do I do? I say that as much as I was indifferent towards the Lord of the Rings movies, I’ll just have to give up on going there ever in my life and stay in the greatest country on Earth because we have the right to say things that are “objectionable” without the government sending us to prison for what equates to a bad email chain forward. Yes, seeing 9,843 unread messages in your AOL mailbox is annoying, but this 19 year old in New Zealand is facing 28 years in prison over a link and a picture. So what does this have to do with StreamRift? It’s the answer to heavy handed governments wanting to enforce their oppression on the internet and I just won’t have it. I need your help to volunteer your computing power with this application and if I can get 10,000 computers volunteering it’ll literally solve 100% of the cash problems we need to solve to bring a sweet new operating system and pancakes for skid row and all sorts of other strange and exciting things.

So are you ready to volunteer your computer for the rebellion? Great! Click on "support free speech" at the bottom and then click "learn more" to download our sweet app that is changing the world!